Escapade d’été

Summer Getaway!

Before my family and I hit the road to San Diego on Monday. It takes hours to get the motor home loaded up and ready to go for a month’s stay at the trailer park.
First I clean it inside and out. Pack it up with clothes, food, kid toys, husband toys, beach gear, electric car, bikes, scooters, skate boards, legos, stuffed animals and lots more.

Oh I can’t forget my craft supplies and my shopping cart for the flea markets!

This will be the first summer in 14 years of us RVing that I don’t have any dog supplies to load up. I would have to pack for three. I had a Chow mix, Akita mix and a sweet harlequin Great Dane. I would bring there food, dog bowls, medications, beds, leashes, blinkers, toys and a lot of waste baggies! This summer vacation will start off  bittersweet and end with alot of great memories.

So while I’m on vacation my “Market” will be closed until September 1st.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!




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