“L’amour courtois”

“Courtly Love”


My horoscope today said: “TAURUS avoid the impulse to get to serious too quickly today — you need to slow down, even if it feels just right. Speed is sure to make life harder for everyone involved in the long run!”

It couldn’t be more right. Ive been trying to post for 2 months and 3 days now and find myself playing around on my websites back door. Im rushing around to do this post, laundry, vacuum, new dog training and get ready for a workshop this weekend.

(While I am sitting here writing and checking emails, my 5 year old is in my studio with me on his computer watching Veggie Tales at high volume and he keeps cocking an empty nerf gun in my ear.)

With the past holidays behind us… On to the future ones!

So to honer Valentine’s Day what’s better than to do a giveaway of  a Marie Antoinette – by Michael Mahaffey

“She was Beloved to Beheaded”

Leave a comment about this piece of art on my website not FB and I will randomly choose a lucky person on February 14th!

The measurements are 6×12 central canvas and two 6×6 canvases on each side (not shown). Artist notes: This is my third time working on Marie Antoinette. Such a glamourous and controversial figure. Most people know the story of what became of this legendary queen and thought I could apply a more exotic and eccentric aesthetic to the tale. I created a background with lightly sprayed chrome ghost skulls and to imply the beheading, I sewed shiny red embroidery thread over the delicate slice of her neck. There is over a foot of thread to leave hanging to sway in the breeze or for draping over the edges of the canvas.


  1. EEEK! I totally missed the boat on this giveaway! Augh! Well Happy Belated Valentines Day!
    Your son is utterly adorable!!! I love his rocker long hair! Cutie!! Your site looks beautiful btw! 🙂
    See you in May!! xoxo,Jenn

  2. Happy Valentines day….Will you be mine?

  3. Pretty pretty xox

  4. Vickie Orlando says:

    I love the way you took tragedy and made it look so calming with with the beauty of Marie, but with the unknowing reflecting with Skeltons and the Red Thread. Excuse my spelling this lady is tired!

  5. Maija Lepore says:

    Exquisite interpretation!!!!
    Can’t wait to see you again, in May!!!

  6. Anna Vacation Glavan says:

    Love it. Any one of these pieces would be perfect in my living room…and I have an open wall!

  7. Looks amazing, I can’t wait for this to be my Girlfriends 🙂 PS Love the Site!!!

  8. Hey there!

    I am in love with your Picture <3 It's wonderful! I love the color and the victorian style it's presented in! Also i love how realistic it looks! The red rope around her neck is a beautiful touch!
    This is a wonderful piece of art work! I would kill to have it! 🙂

  9. So stinking cute, I want it!!!

  10. May Cordova says:

    Hey I love the site! The artwork is very beautiful! I like the silver sculls! It was actually hard to notice at first but i liked the added detail.. Its neat how the red rope looks almost like it could be a 3d part of the photo!
    Lol after i read the detail i saw that it was..

  11. Hey Angela!

    The love this Marie Antoinette layout. I love how the red rope really pops out againt the tan/brown background!

    Erin xx

  12. Hi Angela!
    Looking forward to seeing you in May! Hope you’re ENJOYING the weekend and doing what you want to do. I love this gorgeous Marie piece. It’s a beauty!

  13. Love the artwork!! It rocks…. Soon to be mine.

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