“Back From Tiffany’s”

Prelude to “Affaire At Tiffany’s”

It’s Been almost 2 weeks now since the event. Im now getting into the swing of things. I went to San Diego a few days before the event to update and replenish my space at The Urban Barn. Could not wait to make It “Tiffany Pretty”. Not knowing that I would be switching my 8×8 space to a room with four walls and three entrances! That move took all of  Monday. Tuesday I spent all day staging my finds so they would be perfect and in place. While setting the mood and feeling very Tiffany, I was having a bittersweet moment. I was hoping not to sell anything before the Flea Market Tour on Sunday. I wanted my room to stay perfect and untouched until then. Wednesday morning, first thing, was to go to the flower mart to find some posies to add a fresh visual display of springtime.

I hope you enjoy my little atelier!




  1. Amanda Gaudelet says:

    Love, love, love. Definitely stealing some ideas for my Tiffany party…all inspired by your last affaire with Kim! xx

  2. OMG!!! I loved that space. Didn’t know it was yours!
    Do you still have that fabulous silver tray? EYE CANDY for sure! You outdid yourself! I think this Tiffany Event was the best yet!

  3. Oh how Gorgeous!!!

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