“Rattraper le temps perdu”

Playing Catch Up

I have been trying to catch up my blog since my last Audrey post. So much is happening since then that now there has been workshops that I  attended and more coming up! How do bloggers blog on a daily bases? I have so much to share to the world of blogging,  and I can’t get it on the web. So what Im trying to say is…  I’m trying to catch up! Im still going to post about the Audrey event soon.

In the meantime I’m getting ready for another retreat this weekend and hosting a silent auction for it. Besides hosting the auction I am an auctionee. I have been cleaning out my studio and craft cabinets for a month now. This is a weekend crop in St George, Utah called “Sweet Retreat” from Las Vegas. Theres usually 55 woman that craft 24/7. I love these weekends becouse It gives me a chance to finish all my projects that are left undone.

Have a great weekend!



  1. I love you!

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