Hot, Hot, Hot….

It’s cooled down here in Las Vegas to a nice 99 degrees. The last few days were 107. Monday it’s supposed to be 111! Last night for the Big Bang was a bit chilly! Very weird for the 4th of July. Not looking forward to the next couple months.

Per my last post about the Silent auction… It was a huge success! I personally had 54 lots of goodies and sold every one! What a great way to de-stash and make money.

This started because of a book Called “Throw out Fifty Things”. I am a clean freak, organizer and don’t like things sitting around if not being used. This book helped me with the things I can’t let go of.  I am going to redo my studio and I had lots of stuff I thought I needed. So thats where I started. I needed to de-stash the scrapbook, craft and art stuff. Now it’s the whole house! My next thing Im getting ready for is a Kids Consignment Sale. I’ve done this for the past 4 years and its time again. Talk about Spring Cleaning! I am getting rid of anything and everything I don’t use or need. It feels great!

No more hoarding!




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