Adieu Urban Barn!

Farewell Urban Barn!


As of August 1st I moved my space out of Urban Barn. I am no longer an urbanette. I will miss the Urban Barn itself but being a vender I definitely wont. With all the heart and soul I put into my space and traveling back and forth, I thought it was going to be beneficial for the Urban Barn and Tragic Queen Vintage but instead in benefitted the Urban Barn.

Because I have no storage space here in Vegas (due to my unit and garages are all filled with vintage, antiquities and miscellany) I didn’t bring my stuff back home. I rented a storage unit in San Diego for the month of August and September until I found a place to continue my passion.

Boulder City, Nevada. A tiny town 25 minutes from my house in Henderson. The city is a historic town from the making of the Hoover Boulder Dam back in 1931. This is where the workers lived while the dam was being built. Now the city has a lot of antique shops, diners, events and visiters. I myself visit the town to eat, shop and yard sale. So what better place to try out for Tragic Queen Vintage.

I was lucky enough to get a tiny space at Goat Feathers. Goat Feathers is a huge antique, craft, and an old fashioned candy store. The name means absolutely nothing. Just like the Alice in Wonderland Question “Why is a Raven like a writing desk?”. The venders are still stuck in the old style ways of a dusty antique mall with nothing but oak wood that is visually terrifying to those that know the new world of antiquing. No trendy vintage, salvage or the one of  kind of crafts that inspire me, but it’s a place to bring my style of  vintage and inspiration collections.


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