“My Mad Tea Party”

“You’re all late for tea!” – March Hare

“Come, we shall have some fun now!” – Thought Alice

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Cheshire Cat

Just click play


“Would you like a little more tea?” – Mad Hatter

“If you don’t care for tea, you could at least make polite conversation!” – March Hare


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“Every adventure requires a first step.” – Cheshire Cat

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  1. KIMI! Is the WINNER for this giveaway! Comments were randomly selected by “WordPress pick a giveaway winner”
    Thank you for all your comments!

    • Thank you, thank you ~ I am soooo thrilled! I love Etsy. What a sweet and generous giveaway, thank you again. (I chose a set of amazing art prints, what a nice splurge)

  2. It appears I am under-dressed for the party. I think I better go roll around in some glitter before I take a cup of tea! I wonder if I could borrow one of my wife’s hats? Well, I’m already late, so I imagine it doesn’t matter anyway. Thank you for such an exciting time!

  3. I loved it when you said “You’re all late for tea” because I am! But I’m so very glad I came! Simply lovely! Do stop by my tea party if you have the chance: http://themarmeladegypsy.blogspot.com/2015/07/make-and-take-tea-part-2-teatime.html

  4. So wonderful!

  5. Beautiful blog!! Loved the video too!!! take care, Darlene

  6. I just love Kerli!!! Thanks so much for sharing that video and joing the party!!!

  7. Great video and one I’d not seen before. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thats one great Alice video, lots of inspiration there! You have a very intriguing blog, so glad I stopped by, thanks!
    Cheers, Sarah

  9. Fabulous!!

  10. Wonderful!! Happiest Mad Tea, my Dear!

  11. VERY fun!! 😀

    Sugar-coated hugs,

  12. That was soooo fab! Thank you for sharing. Love your gorgeous blog! Happiest mad tea party wishes! <3, Vanessa

  13. Spiffy video! It was fun.

  14. Thanks for sharing and Happy Mad Tea Party!

  15. Gina Marsh says:

    Love the video. Makes me want to have a tea party.

  16. I have to say – discovering Kerli Kõiv at the Mad Tea Party blog hop was the last thing I expected – and a delightful thing to find! Such a marvelous combination of Alice in Wonderland, Marie Antoinette, and trailer park. LOL Using her in your Mad Tea Party post was inspired!

    I’ve subscribed to your blog … I don’t want to miss a single thing – obviously you will brighten my day!

  17. I do so love that video. If only we all had her budget to throw a truly MAD tea party, hahaha.

    When you get a chance stop by my party. It’s a little DARK, but that’s the way I like things…spooky and fun. There’s love and friendship most of all.

  18. Fabulous video!Happy Mad Tea Party!

  19. ooh but I love tea…and your video.

  20. Regina Hull says:

    Elbows DOWN and Pinkies UP!!! That is how you drink my cup!!!

  21. Animated tea always brews and flows best!

    Happy Mad Tea Party. ♥

  22. That was one rocking video!

  23. Now that was some tea party. If you did that video, that was a lot of work. Very nice!

  24. Still jamming out to the video. yay! Hugs from the party over at designing fairy.

  25. Love, love, LOVE the video ~ too fun! Thank you for sharing.

  26. What a craaaaazy video! Thank you!

    Please come to my party: http://www.moonlyf.com/2015/07/8th-annual-mad-tea-party.html


  27. Love the Video!

  28. Nice video…happy unbirthday to you

  29. LOVED the video. Just what I needed this morning to get me fired-up for visiting all the tea parties!

    Linking from A Fanciful Twist,
    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  30. I knew this party was not suitable for children! Love it!
    The perfect combination of crass and class. (More class)


  31. lisa neault says:

    what a great video! That’s so truly Alice!

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