“Blanche Neige”

Thursday I am Leaving for Snow Whites  ‘An Enchanted Affaire’.

I wanted to share a teaser of my cloche for the globe swap Im in.

My theme for the cloche was “The Spell”. I was inspired by a painting I had purchased from the gallery at Disneyland a few years ago. My cloche includes a spell book, a red apple, a raven (Trivia: which in the story was the Evil Queens only friend and minion she talks to in her dungeons laboratory where she casts spells), a glass bottle of poison and a skeleton head.

The Spell

‘The Apple’

I hand stoned a fake apple with red Swarovski crystals which took over 300 stones and 14hrs. Then I dipped it in resin to hold the stones on better not knowing it was going to dry more amazing than I had thought. I added a real apple stem and a cut out leave that I glittered.

‘The book’

I took a small book and had my husband cut it down to size to fit in the cloche with a skill saw because it was so thick. It took 5 cuts to get it perfect. I wanted a real book to look authentic. I modge podged each page one by one. Then I added a piece of vintage german newspaper to a couple pages that could be seen because the fonts were very gothic. I then printed the recipe for the poison apple on vintage music sheet paper. I covered the back of the book with a decorative piece of paper and used black leather on the binding. The last thing was I distressed the heck out of it to give it an old musty look.

‘The Raven’

I found a 3” size raven that I put black Swarovski crystal in his eyes so they would sparkle.

‘The Potion’

I used a very small cork glass bottle and mixed cherry food extract with maple extract to get the perfect red.

‘The Skull’

I again put black Swarovski crystal in the eyes as well.

‘Last Details’

I used green moss inside the cloche to cover the bottom of the wood base. I Printed out “An Enchanted Affaire” on fabric then tea stained it to make a banner. I decorated the outside of the cloche with a beautiful bow from vintage black velvet ribbon from the 1920’s. I used a vintage glass hobnail cake plate for the base and cloche to sit atop for display.

‘It’s A Wrap’

I always get carried away with my gift wrapping. I try to do the same theme as the gift. So for this, I found an old apple picking basket that I put burlap on the bottom and covered it with fresh red apples that can be seen up to the cake plate. Then put burlap over the top of the cloche and tied a piece of  string around the top and added a tag that is the feature design for the event. This is a white elephant swap so theres no name on the tag and no one knows who’s is who’s.

I hope who ever ends up with it appreciates it as much as the time and effort I put into it.


“Winter Wonderland”

Road Trip

This morning I’m on my way to Manhattan Beach for another amazing Artistic Affair. Im getting anxious to leave although I still have a couple hours before I hit the road. Im driving two of my girlfriends and I will be taking them on a little journey on the way. First stop will be “Treasures & Junk” in Ontario then “Gilding the Lilly” in Fullerton and for lunch…”Botegga Louie” in downtown Los Angeles. Yummy!


“Urban Barn Flea Market”

Flea Market This Weekend!

Urban Barns advertisement for this months flea market is beautiful! Everything you see except the model are my pretties from my little atelier they used in this photo shoot.

I had no Idea that they did this. What a surprise!


“Rattraper le temps perdu”

Playing Catch Up

I have been trying to catch up my blog since my last Audrey post. So much is happening since then that now there has been workshops that I  attended and more coming up! How do bloggers blog on a daily bases? I have so much to share to the world of blogging,  and I can’t get it on the web. So what Im trying to say is…  I’m trying to catch up! Im still going to post about the Audrey event soon.

In the meantime I’m getting ready for another retreat this weekend and hosting a silent auction for it. Besides hosting the auction I am an auctionee. I have been cleaning out my studio and craft cabinets for a month now. This is a weekend crop in St George, Utah called “Sweet Retreat” from Las Vegas. Theres usually 55 woman that craft 24/7. I love these weekends becouse It gives me a chance to finish all my projects that are left undone.

Have a great weekend!


“Affaire chez Tiffany”

“Couleur Connexions Tournée”


“Color Connections Tour”

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for this workshop and I can’t seem to get it together. Therefore I will be up till the wee morning hours packing. So until next week when it’s all said and done I hope I will have pictures of the 6 classes that are going to be taught by my three favorite companies. (I’m still three workshops and two flea markets behind).

Moulin Rouge