“Vive La France”

solidarity-1 (dragged)

“We will not bend down in fear!

The heart of Paris and the heart of France beats in the heart of each city. ~ Madonna

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Paris.~The Tragic Queen


Madonna performing acoustic with her son at Place de la Republique, Paris.

“ How do you take your coffee? “


*frank body giveaway*

I thought I would share an amazing product a friend introduced to me, frank body. It’s the best body scrub ever! Especially if you like the smell of fresh roasted coffee. She gave me a half of bag of their original body scrub. The key ingredients for the original body scrub are roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, cold pressed sweet almond oil, vitamin E and sea salt. Im always looking for the best scrub that I can do at home and I finally found it. I finished up the rest of the bag and thought I would try a different scrub. I recently ordered their coconut scrub which also has the original ingredients in it as well, along with their “Top to Toe” bundle. Take a look at the their website and let me know #1 what product you like and #2 where you’re from. Leave your comment on this post. I will be giving away an original body scrub to one of the commenters on July 1st.

Thank you Darby for telling me about frank!


“Happy Summer!”


Summer .

Hair gets lighter . Skin gets darker .

Water gets warmer . Drinks get colder .

Music gets louder . Nights get longer .

Life gets better .

“Floral Flavor”

I was inspired by an article in Romantic Homes to make this for the elementary class at my sons school for a Mother’s Day Gift. Rose Infused sugar. It was so easy and the kids loved getting there hands in it. They each got an air tight container, a large scoop of dried rose buds and a box of sugar. I had them sign a gift tag and I put a special Mother’s Day note along with a rose hip tea bag tied with some vintage seam binding. The kids had to pull the petals off the rose buds and then crush the petals. The next step was to add the sugar and wait one day for it to infuse. If there not tea drinkers it will look pretty sitting in the kitchen.

Happy Mother’s Day



“May the 4th be with you”


Today is a Star Wars holiday that my sons school LMCA is celebrating with costume contest and raffles. Today there supposed to dress in “good” character costumes and May fifth is “Revenge of the 5th” and they are to dress like a “bad” character. This our first year at this school and I’m very excited to have these two days of cosplay.

“Happy Easter”

“April Fool’s Day”

I’m not joking.

I’m updating my sites surroundings and adding more of my favorite links.