“Floral Flavor”

I was inspired by an article in Romantic Homes to make this for the elementary class at my sons school for a Mother’s Day Gift. Rose Infused sugar. It was so easy and the kids loved getting there hands in it. They each got an air tight container, a large scoop of dried rose buds and a box of sugar. I had them sign a gift tag and I put a special Mother’s Day note along with a rose hip tea bag tied with some vintage seam binding. The kids had to pull the petals off the rose buds and then crush the petals. The next step was to add the sugar and wait one day for it to infuse. If there not tea drinkers it will look pretty sitting in the kitchen.

Happy Mother’s Day



Happy Birthday Barbie!

“Joyeux anniversaire à moi”

“Happy Birthday to me”

Im going to make this short and sweet.

This is my first post to my new blog. I haven’t told anyone the address yet but I felt today would be a good day to kick it off. I’ve been working on this website for the last month with “Sadie Olive”  to master it to my perfection. I’m all most there…