“Back To Reality“

1 Week later

Im back home from “Winter Wonderland” and I can’t believe its already a week!

Thursday started the road trip to Manhattan Beach, but before the final destination I stopped in Fullerton to take my friends to “Gilding the Lily”.  My friend Dorthey was so excited she was jumping out of her skin to get there! Dorthey and our other friend Diane had never been there before and only heard about it from me. I surprised them with a Stampington & Co. magazine that had a spread of Gilding in it so they could see what to expect. I have to say, theres is no saying how wonderful this place is until you’ve experienced it yourself. Dorthey was having a fit! Diane said “Im excited…but not that excited”  until she opened the door, she was speechless.

When we left Gilding the Lily (2 1/2 hours later). We headed to our destination greeted with another breathtaking moment of Kim Caldwell’s touch.

Friday morning started early for or bus tour de San Diego.

First tour stop was “The Vintage Market Place”. It had just stop raining and all the venders and there items were a little wet. That didn’t stop them from selling and us shopping along with other vintage lovers that came out for there monthly market.


Second destination was lunch at “Wilson Creek Winery” in Temecula.


Third tour stop was “Granny’s Attic” antique mall. Having gone there before I wasn’t to excited to shop there only because an antique mall is an antique mall. There all the same.

Last stop on our route was “Matilda Mouse”. Another monthly market in a barn that was once owned by the “Betty Crocker” actress. I had been once before a few years ago and was very excited to go again. When we got there it was still daylight. The whole barn was decorated for Christmas. Each vender space had their own vintage Christmas decor and staged their booth so beautifully it was hard to think everything was for sale. The barn is up in the mountains, no street lights on a curvy two lane highway with little room for the bus to turn around. The bus driver almost took out their mailbox and gate trying to fit in. That didn’t work out so well. So he parked across the street and we ran across the highway to the barn. When we left it was pitch black that you couldn’t see the bus or the street. So that means a car coming sure wouldn’t be able to see two girls running like crazies to get to the bus. So I told Dorthey to turn on her phone and I as well so there would be some notice of an unidentified light waving in the middle of the pitch black street. Oh yeah, it was raining and a new episode of 1000 ways to die. All I kept saying was please don’t let us get hit. But when we made it across the dark and scary road… it was worth it.


After a long shopping day we headed back to the hotel for our Christmas pajama soiree and the start of the amazing swaps. I can’t express enough on how beautiful these swaps were. My swap didn’t start until Saturday. “Vintage Buttons and Lace” hosted by Andrea Villarreal. Thinking it would be easy, it wasn’t. The  packaging was the hardest.

Here is my swap of vintage buttons in a vintage SP shaker with a little vintage Santa or snowman pick. My lace is in a pink bakery bag with a vintage paper doily and a rosette from Bethany Lowe. The vintage Santa mug is filled with vintage goodness that I put together for my two traveling buddies.


Sunday was bus tour de Ventura for the flea market. It was raining again that day. A lot of venders packed up and left, but there were a few that stayed. We shopped it for just a bit and waited in the bus for the next destination which was old town Ventura. Lots of eateries and shopping there. Then to Aguora antique mall to “A Beautiful Mess” and a few other antique stores that were not like any other antique mall. It was a fulfilled trip.



“Derniers Jour De Vacances”

Todays forecast was 72° F, Mostly Sunny.

I’m at the last of my vacation days and the forecast for Las Vegas when I arrive home this week will be 105° with a slight chance of  HOTTER! (I hope I don’t combust when I cross the state line.)

Back to my days in San Diego.

I went to a few estate sales, yard sales and some antique stores. To name a few of my great finds this trip I found an antique kings chair over 100 yrs old in perfect condition, 1940’s bamboo fly fishing pole and fish net, metal costume trunk and a lot of other small beauty’s. Now I need to get pictures up to share the visual of my treasures.

Beside my treasure hunting my family and I took in a Padre’s game went to Legoland along with there Aquarium and water park. We went on a “Pirate Ship Adventure” thru the harbor on a replicated wooden pirate ship and enjoyed the beach.

Now it’s time to pack it up and say goodbye.

Thanks for a good vacation San Diego.



Escapade d’été

Summer Getaway!

Before my family and I hit the road to San Diego on Monday. It takes hours to get the motor home loaded up and ready to go for a month’s stay at the trailer park.
First I clean it inside and out. Pack it up with clothes, food, kid toys, husband toys, beach gear, electric car, bikes, scooters, skate boards, legos, stuffed animals and lots more.

Oh I can’t forget my craft supplies and my shopping cart for the flea markets!

This will be the first summer in 14 years of us RVing that I don’t have any dog supplies to load up. I would have to pack for three. I had a Chow mix, Akita mix and a sweet harlequin Great Dane. I would bring there food, dog bowls, medications, beds, leashes, blinkers, toys and a lot of waste baggies! This summer vacation will start off  bittersweet and end with alot of great memories.

So while I’m on vacation my “Market” will be closed until September 1st.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!